Sweet and sour come back to Israel

Going back to Tel Aviv after two years turned out to be a combination of sweet and sour experience. Even after a few days of finding myself in this well know but new reality I cannot get the sadly familiar feeling of melancholy out ...Read More

Oh no, I’m becoming a couch potato!

Going through the pictures from last year when I was back in New Zealand made me realize how much I miss travelling. How stuck I really feel right now and how not being able to experience anything new in the last half a year ...Read More

Memories box 2015

I just took the last shower in 2015 and although this shower was nothing different from the showers that I take every day it did feel different. Like every day, I just wanted to wash off all the salt and dirt after a busy ...Read More

Diving and I – the love at first sight

Ever since I can remember, I found being underwater very relaxing. I was never afraid of it, in fact, my father taught me how to swim in a local lake when I was only four years old. I don’t have many memories from that ...Read More