The World Is Calling Me

Jumping on the Negev Dessert

Hi! My name is Joanna, I’m 27 and I come from Poland. I’ve recently moved out of Tel Aviv where I’ve been living for 2 and a half years. Before I moved to Israel I spent 3 years in Barcelona….Wait a minute, is this even interesting? I don’t think so. Maybe something more personal then.

Traveling was big part of my life since I remember, I started as a scout girl when I was 9 (don’t laugh about that!) and I continue traveling since. I love photographing and I’m passionate about Photoshop. I like playing with light and colors and I actually really enjoy shooting against the sun (it’s a big sin, I know).

I’m a languages freak, I might never be fully fluent in all of them but currently I speak four languages and I hope to learn more in the future. I know I make tons of typos and grammar mistakes, please forgive me for that. Writing in English is hard and frustrating sometimes but I love it anyway. Feel free to correct me or make fun of me 😉

Not finished yet, I left the most important one for the end. I love life. I truly adore and appreciate it. I crave for new adventures and experiences and my biggest dream is to travel around the globe. A bit cliche right? I know, but I don’t only dream about it, I’m gonna do it!

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