Because you can hear more in the silence – Desert Ashram

We all feel it sometimes, life gets too intense, too loud, too colorful. We get lost in the modern world and we look for an escape, place to relax. We have to clear our heads, we feel lost and we have to find ourselves again. We need the silence to hear more and we need to be alone to feel united with the world.

Israel is a beautiful place that offer you all: the sea, the mountains and the dessert. Regardless of what are you looking for, you can always find the right place to be and the right thing to do. If you happen to be in Israel I highly recommend you to go and get lost in the infinity of the desert.

I don’t only recommend you to go to Negev but I truly recommend you to go to the Ashram. Ashram on the desert is kind of oasis in the middle of nowhere, oasis for those who have a lot of questions but can’t find the answers. Ashram gives you a chance to participate in different kind of workshops and retreats, eat delicious vegetarian meals, enjoy the calmness and stillness of the desert and connect with people from all over the world.


I myself participated in Osho Meditation workshop and I have to say that it was one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. I was guided to go deep into my soul and heart and let go things that are not good to me anymore. I was challenged to look at myself just the way I am, and accept that. I got the freedom to express my feelings, fears and hopes. I got encouraged to be who I want to be and go for things I really dream about. The workshop was very challenging and it took me a lot of courage to open myself for this kind of experience but I felt relieved and purified afterwards and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Even if you are not into yoga or meditation you can profit from staying in Ashram. As mentioned before it offers super delicious food and perfect areas to relax. Just look at the pictures, it’s heaven on earth. Check Ashram Bamitbar website if you need more information about the workshops or festivals that are held there.

Happy resting to everyone 🙂


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