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Surprise, I’m not fearless!

I couldn’t possibly expect that our trip to Apo, a small Philippino island, would turn into a chain of unpleasant experiences that have shaken me to the point that I am starting to question my own bravery. Although many people may think so and ...Read More

Sweet and sour come back to Israel

Going back to Tel Aviv after two years turned out to be a combination of sweet and sour experience. Even after a few days of finding myself in this well know but new reality I cannot get the sadly familiar feeling of melancholy out ...Read More

Memories box 2015

I just took the last shower in 2015 and although this shower was nothing different from the showers that I take every day it did feel different. Like every day, I just wanted to wash off all the salt and dirt after a busy ...Read More

Hey you, I’m not my hair, stop judging

Ok folks. Enough. To everyone who needs a clarification – I’m not a lesbian. Also, I don’t look like a boy now. And if you think that my hair defines me I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not. I know what you say. ...Read More