First 24h in Bangkok – first scam and first getting lost experience

From the moment I’ve landed in Bangkok I knew it was a madness, pure madness. 24h was enough to experience some of the craziest things this city has to offer. You know all how it goes, just the day you are taking off something bad happens – like you get wisdom toothache on the plane. How fun is that?
I went to the dentist exactly two days before going on the trip, it was a regular checkup and cleaning – everything was perfectly fine. You can imagine how surprised I was when only two days later I started to feel the pain in my mouth. Unfortunately my winsome tooth decided to give me some problems from the beginning of the trip – it wasn’t nothing new because I’m dealing with it for the last 10 years but I was so pissed that it happened just on the moment I take the plane. I’m sure you think, 10 years, why didn’t you just pull it? Well, unfortunately the root is very close to the nerve and there is a big chance that during the procedure it will get damaged. Few dentist (in few countries) told me the same thing and recommended me not to do it unless it gets really nasty. It never did, few days of pain from time to time  (few painkillers always solved the problem) but this time my lymph got all swallowed and it hurt badly so I had no choice but getting an appointment.

I got terrified by thinking that I will have to go to the dentist in Thailand so I asked around and some very nice girl from Pink Pangea recommended me an international dental center that is famous all over the country. She had her wisdom tooth removed there and she said that they speak perfect English and are very professional so I should no worry and just go there. She told me that actually this center is famous for providing dental care for people from Australia who come here especially to get her teeth done for 20% of the price (or less) that they would pay in their home country.

After checking them online and hoping for the best I decided to make an appointment – “Please be here at 9.00 am tomorrow and we will take care of you”, nice girl on the phone told me. Well, not that I was happy about that but I knew the visit wa necessary.

I couldn’t sleep for the whole night, the jet lag is really bad plus I had terrible nightmares all night long. I overslept and woke up at 8.00 am, got dressed really fast, had some breakfast and run to catch the taxi. I asked the driver several times if he knows where is it and he said yes  – ok I thought, I should make it on time. Taking the Tuk tuk after having a breakfast wasn’t a good idea, I felt sick on the way and wanted this trip to finish as fast as possible.

The trip was taking more than it supposed to and I started to get suspicions. Did he really knew where is he going? Will I make it on time? I started to get worried and my gut feeling didn’t disappoint me this time – there was a reason to worry. After taking some small, narrow street he stopped in front of some small almost falling apart building and he said – “dentist, dentist here”. I started to protest by saying that it’s not the place I’ve asked him to take me – it was supposed to be a new building on the main street and not some scary looking small dentist place. He got angry and started to scream – “dentist here you go you go” and basically throw me out of the tuk tuk. I’ve tried my best but I got so confused and scared that I paid him and left, there were no people there and I couldn’t really ask anyone for help.

I started to curse him in my head and walked main street direction. I was late already, I had no idea where I am and how to get to the clinic. My toothache was getting stronger and I was really pissed. I’ve tried to stop like 10 cabs on the main street asking, if they can take me to the clinic. Nobody knew where was it and even showing them small map that also had the name of the place in Thai didn’t help.

I was so desperate, I didn’t know where I’m and what to do, I was about to give up. Suddenly I saw a lady calling me – I guess she saw I’m about to fall apart and decided to help me. She spoke very little English but she understood me – she told me that we are on the street I’m looking for (CAN YOU BELIVE THAT?!?!) and that the clinic is 20 min walking from here! I didn’t know how to thank her, I was so grateful that I almost hugged her. Only then I understood that most of those taxi drivers had to be analphabets – there is no other explanation to the fact that they didn’t tell me that we are on the street I’m looking for when I showed them the name of it written in Thai. I was in shock.

I start to walk fast, the sun was burning and there was no shade. I was wet after one minute but I didn’t want to take another cab, it was too risky for me. After around 20 min of walk (almost a run) I saw the place and I felt like I want to cry from the happiness. I entered the clinic and I was in shock again – this time on how modern and European looking this place was. I can say more, this place looked better than some of the dentist clinics in the city I come from!

Bangkok Dental Clinic

I got attended very fast, I apologized for the delay but there were no people so I was attended in the next 10 minutes. I was carefully interviewed, my blood pressure was check (I was surprised it was relatively low after the stress I went through) and I was taken to the 6th floor to the dentist office by a very nice Thai girl. Everything was so professional and clean that I felt like coming from the third world country – my feet were dirty from walking in flip flops and my hair looked like I was electrocuted a minute ago. I looked at all those nice ladies in there, wearing suits and perfect make up and I felt like a real hobo. Terrible.

The dentist asked me what’s going on and checked everything carefully. She told me that she wants to do an x-ray to check it and I informed her about my wisdom tooth situation suggesting that there is probably not much she can do (besides giving me some pills of course). She looked at the scan and said that I was right, the tooth is way too close to the nerve and it would be a complicated surgery. She didn’t surprised me of course but I was actually happy to hear that that there is no danger for my other teeth getting harm by the infection of the wisdom tooth and that the rest of them are perfectly fine. She gave me some pills and told me the pain and the swelling should be gone within 3 days. When I got down my medicine was waiting for me in the reception already – I couldn’t believe on how good and professional this place was!

All the dentist trip have cost me around 50 euro (together with the cabs and the medicine). It’s less than I’ve paid the last time I went to the dentist in Poland (that by the way was not competent and haven’t see that the gums are swallow and that there is an infection that had to be treated with a medicine).

Everything finished with the happy ending and I really hope that the medicine I got from her will help me. I’m not angry at this taxi driver that left me in a wrong place already and I’m proud that I’ve managed to find the place anyway – the only thing I’m sad about is that I spent on it my whole morning and I didn’t have time for the sightseeing. I only managed to see one temple and had to come back to the hostel because I have to start to work in 10 minutes.

So, going to work now, hopefully the pain will go away and I can enjoy the evening in the city.

Peace and Love from the center of the madness!

Ps. Mona, you were right, I have to be ready for the bad things to happen so they don’t take me by surprise anymore.

Ps2. Natalia, muszę się nauczyć zachowywać mente fria w tym domu wariatów 😀




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