Halloween reflections on Lonely Travelers

As lonely travelers

We roam through this earth

Trying to find

Meaning to our lives

Feelings worth.

The cost of our sorrow

The cost of our tears,

Such loneliness in our hearts

Filled with tears.

As lonely travelers

We hope someday we find,

A love that is worth

Sharing the thoughts in our minds.

Giving ourselves body

Mind and soul,

So that together

We become as one

To love and to hold.

As lonely travelers

We roam through this earth

In search of that special someone

That’s worth to call your own.

Norberto Cruz

Life is a one big trip. We have a starting point and we have an ending point. We are anxious to start and sad to finish. We find things and we lose them on the way.

We all travel, if not in places then in time, and although we prefer to believe otherwise, we are alone in our trip.

Our souls reach places that our feet can’t reach, and our hearts see things that our eyes can’t see. We feel more than we can understand, and we understand lees than we allow ourselves to admit.

We are waiting for big things to happen instead of being happy with the small things we have already. We try to love others but no one taught us to love ourselves in the first place.

We try to satisfy everyone and end up hating everything we’ve became. We go for things that supposed to make us happy and we end up crying to the pillow every single night.

We have courage to judge but we are cowards when it comes to fighting for our own happiness. We scarify ourselves without being asked and we wake up after years feeling bitter and not appreciated.

We try to change others and we look for perfection that doesn’t exist. We are stuck to the past and spend too much time thinking about the future. We don’t live here and now.

We are scared. All the time, we are scared of something or someone.

We don’t know how to live without worrying. Worrying became our everyday prayer. We don’t teach our kids how to be grateful but we teach them how to be demanding.

We are not ashamed of hurting others but we can’t say one simple “I’m sorry”.

We became masters in giving excuses and we end up believing in our own lies.

We run away too fast to let our love to grow.

We fear death so much…but most of us is dead when still alive.

Death when still alive

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