Hey you, I’m not my hair, stop judging

Ok folks. Enough. To everyone who needs a clarification – I’m not a lesbian. Also, I don’t look like a boy now. And if you think that my hair defines me I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not. I know what you say. Long hair is pretty. Long hair is sexy. Long blond hair is…yeh, I’ve heard it all. I’ve been growing my hair for the last few years and now I chopped it off. So? I’m not attractive to you anymore? Not sexy enough? Oh well, so sorry to hear. I lost my feminine look? Well, that’s the thing, I don’t need blond long hair to feel good and sexy. On the opposite, I do feel great with a short hair and honestly I’ve never been approach by so many guys than when I had my super short hair. I think I look good, you have the right not to agree with me but don’t tell me that I don’t look like a woman or I lost my charm. You won’t date me now? Your choice, we live in a free world.

My hair doesn’t define me as a woman but it does remind me that I’m strong. It’s a second time in my life that I cut it from pretty long to really short, second very challenging time of my life. I’m brave enough to cut it regardless to what people gonna say and I’m brave enough to pursue with my life regardless to what people think about it. I know that many girls would like to cut it but they are scared of what men gonna say, I know as well that many women would like to change their life but they are scared of exactly the same thing.

Do you need few more reasons? Well, I’m going for a long backpacker trip and I don’t feel like dealing with my hair. I go to Asia and I don’t feel like people stopping me on the street because I’m blond. I know it will still happen cause I’m white and look European but hey, maybe those man that would harass me will think that I’m a boy so I can avoid some problems 😉 ? I hope I will blend better.

And hey, now no one can annoy me with those jokes about blonds anymore! Ok, I’m kidding, I don’t really care about that…but I think you get my point.

I needed a change and I needed a reminder. Sorry If I don’t fit into your esthetic model now – happy you won’t date me though, if that’s the reason we wouldn’t be a good match anyway.

Now, with all those said, I ask you nicely to keep your fingers crossed so that the things in my life will get less rough and I can start the trip all of my life soon. I so can’t wait!

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