How I escaped from lunatic divers and delusional convicted paramedic with a gun

I’m old enough to know, that our beautiful world is full of crazy people. I met many on my way and I’m sure that I’m gonna meet some more, but people that I had a doubtful pleasure to spend my last 48 hours with were beyond the word crazy. They were freaking (I would use another word that starts with F but won’t do it for esthetic reasons) lunatics and they not only put me on danger but destroyed my trust and confidence.

Most of my friends weren’t aware that I decided to leave New Zealand and recently came back to Europe because I had some family issues and wanted to be closer to my homeland for a while just in case I was needed there. I felt very ambiguous about leaving the kiwi land but in the end I decided that that was the best thing to do. I knew that staying in Poland was not an option for me so I thought that hanging in Europe in the summer time will be a perfect solution.

As I missed diving like a hell and wanted to gain more experience so I could become and instructor in the future I started to look for some summer diving jobs in Europe. I got several replays from few diving resorts and I chose one in the South of Spain. It sounded like the best option – I truly love that country, I speak fluent Spanish and it was relatively close to home. Could it get any better? After having few skype chats with the owner of the diving center I said YES, took my stuff and flew all the way to Spain. I was super excited that I will get a chance to work with the people that share the same passion as I do in a country that offers the best tapas in the world.

I stopped in Barcelona to see my best friend (what a happiness!) and on the last night of my stay there I asked her to wish me good luck because if something went wrong I would be back in her house soon. Of course I was only joking because in my worst nightmares I didn’t expect that not only I will be back at hers in two days’ time but also I will have to face crazy divers and delusional convicted paramedic with the gun.

Before I came, the owners of the dive shop set me up with a guy that was also working there and had a room to rent. I didn’t have to worry about anything, I was supposed to have a great job, nice place to stay, and as they picked me up from the airport I was promised to have the best summer in my life. Well, as you can imagine no of those things was true.

Things started to get wrong from the moment I arrived – once we entered the shop the owner had a discussion with some employees and they all locked up in the room and left me behind. I could hear screams and I felt really uncomfortable there. It took a long while and I even messaged my friends saying that it was very strange and I hoped it was just some minor issue. Unfortunately, that was just a beginning of a nightmare.

When they stopped fighting I finally met the guy I was supposed to live with. He seemed like a nice but very strange person and I had mixed feelings about it, but I really didn’t have a choice – I knew no one there and I couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel until I could find something else. I also thought that if he works there he has to be an OK person. I was wrong.

Things were getting weirder and weirder – all the staff members in the shop were talking about some guy that worked there before but recently quit to work in another place after trying to steal from them and putting on danger some of the clients when diving. Afterward, there were talks about police, lacks of working visas, being reported to PADI (diving organization) and so on. I had no idea what is happening and why I’m being involved in all of that. I started to have doubts if the dive shop is legit and the people have the qualifications they were claiming to have.

Then, I was told by the guy that I was supposed to live with that he moved to another apartment because someone tried to break into his old apartment several times. I was a bit shocked but thought that it doesn’t really matter as for now I just need a place to sleep. In the middle of the chat with him I was called to go diving – instead of a nice experience it was just a struggle because apparently the place where I was taken had zero visibility. I couldn’t understand why anyone would take me to dive there but after several incidents that occurred that afternoon I realized, that they just wanted to get rid of me for a while so they could continue with their dirty business.

It was getting worse and worse – bad atmosphere in the dive shop, people constantly talking very quietly so I couldn’t hear what’s going on, strange conversations with my to be flatmate and general weird behavior of everyone involved. Finally, they closed the shop and we were supposed to go home. I was told that I will be living close to the dive shop – I was even shown the building from far away. What was my surprise when the guy started to walk opposite direction telling me, that his car is parked few meters away.

When we got on the main road he stopped a taxi. I was completely confused but thought that maybe I misunderstood the information about the car because I was tired. However, when we really started to head an opposite direction from what I was told I couldn’t help it and asked what’s going on and where are we going. In the cab, he told me that he lied to everyone about changing the apartment because he was afraid that the boss want to move in with him or steal his money. Apparently he was coming from a diplomat family, just got a heritage from his grandmother and was sure that the owners of the dive shop want to steal it from him. He was completely delusional and I couldn’t believe that it was really happening. Everything seemed like a big lie. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just kept quiet and listened to all the hard to believe stories he was telling me.

Nothing he or the rest of the divers said or done made any sense. I felt terribly confused, alarmed my friends and family that something is wrong and tried to understand the situation I put myself into. But the worst was still ahead. At home, he told me that he had a gun! I was moving in with a delusional child of a diplomat that had a very strange connection with his employer and owns a gun! I started to get really scared – what if he was a psycho? What if he could hurt me? I thought that it was safe to move with him as he was supposed to work with me but after meeting the diving team and having a look in the shop I understood that none of those people could be trusted. I’ve tried to keep calm, but I really couldn’t – I was about to go to sleep in a house with a stranger that owns a gun. To make it even worse, he told me that the gun was hidden in a safe place in his room but when I opened a cupboard in the kitchen I found it right there!

I wanted to run away but I had nowhere to go and still little hope that all of this is just small (or better said big) misunderstanding. I didn’t want to panic and made wrong choice so I decided to stay. Nothing was normal though, even in the house at night he was constantly receiving calls, making weird comments and showing me creepy stuff on his phone. He told me that he used to work as a paramedic but he stopped after his brother committed a suicide. He show me some pictures of him in the uniform and driving an ambulance.

I couldn’t say no when he asked to add me on Facebook, I didn’t really wanted to make him angry so I accepted his friend request. Ten minutes after becoming his friend on FB his father (or that was what he claimed) sent him a file with all the information about me – my full name (FB is not showing that), my blogs, articles online, Instagram accounts and everything that ever went viral! I freaked out even more. He explained that when he add someone on FB the British Embassy immediately check that person to make sure it’s not someone with criminal past that could possibly hurt him. Again, it seemed like a lie especially that he had only 12 friends on FB. When asked why he has only few people in there he said that he is not a tech person and only recently opened a FB account.

It felt like a movie. A very bad movie. I wanted to cry, didn’t know what to do. Was so tired and wanted to sleep but was really scared to do so. Finally, I went to bed and moved a closet so my door couldn’t be open – I was praying that he won’t come and try to kill me at night.

When I woke up in the morning and opened the door I immediately saw him – he was standing next to my door doing god knows what and he creped me out with his fake smile. As he didn’t kill me at night I thought that maybe I will give this place another chance and go to see how it will go in the dive shop – I still had a bit hope that it will turn out ok (I know it was stupid but I really wanted to believe that).

Unfortunately, it went even worse. On the way to work we met the guy that was supposed to steal from the shop – he and my roommate had a friendly talk like nothing never happen and in that moment I understood that they are all freaking psychos and I have to run away. The situation in the dive shop was the same as the day I arrived – people screaming, calling the police, talking about restriction orders etc. I wanted to vanish because I knew that there is no way I can trust or dive with those people. When I saw all those maniacs divers running around and doing crazy shit I knew that it was the end – I could never work in a place like that as they were a group of liars and maybe criminals that were involved into some dirty business.

Well, the end came faster than I thought. My roommate disappeared and people started to look for him. After an hour or so I was asked to go for a lunch break and when I refused asking them to explain me what’s going on I saw my boss running with tears with to be the guy that stole from them shouting that we have to hide because they found out that the real liar and a criminal is my roommate. It was so bizarre that I wanted to laugh – I was taking a part of a real soup opera! They told me to hide in the shop as my roommate can get mad and hurt us but I said that I don’t want to have anything to do with that and I’m going to collect my belongings from the house. Again, they were behaving like a psychos and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was really scared and didn’t know what to expect. I asked someone to take me to the apartment and go there with me to help me pick up my stuff. I had no idea what’s gonna happen, my heart was beating so fast. Will he be home? Will he let me in, will I be able to take my stuff or he already had burned them down? What if he try to shot me? I think I was never so scared in my life – my heart was about to explode, I was dizzy and felt like I’m going to throw up from the stress. When we arrived I was afraid of opening the door. He was there, talking with someone on the phone, didn’t say anything to me. I packed my stuff in rush, said bye and left. He looked very sad and apologized for everything but I know that he could be simply a sad maniac, bipolar maniac or god knows what kind of maniac. After all, he owned a gun and was involved with the people that told me nothing but lies.

A friend helped me to buy a ticket back to Barcelona and when I told the people in the dive shop that I’m not gonna take it and I’m leaving they didn’t even react to that. Nobody explained me what was really happening and no-one tried to stop me. They kept running around, saying and doing hard to explain things. I left in tears without looking back. Someone wished me a good trip.

The morning after I woke up in my friend’s Natalia bed and for a moment I thought that I never left to Malaga and all this crazy story never happened. Unfortunately, I checked my phone and saw a message from the people from the dive shop – they sent me a link to an article and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it. The guy I was supposed to live and work with, was a convicted fake paramedic who was tricking older people into thinking, that he was medical worker by driving his own ambulance. I don’t know how he made his way from UK prison to Spain but now I know for sure that I was staying with a criminal and my life could be in a serious danger.

I’m still in shock. I can’t really understand what just happened there, but I’m glad that I’m safe and far away from all those crazy people. I also can’t understand how the dive shop owners never checked that guy’s background as he was a strange person and was doing and saying suspicious things. As much as sure I’m now that he was a main reason of all the problems in there I’m also convinced that the rest of the people in the dive shop were involved in some kind of illegal issues.

As I said in the beginning, in my worst nightmares I didn’t see it coming – instead of getting an opportunity to learn and grow as a diver I got scared for life and have no idea what I’m gonna do with my life now. My head still hurts and I can’t help the feeling that the luck abandoned me and I’m all on my own now. I got used to the fact that things not always work the way I want to but this was just too much to take even for a super polish ninja like me.

The world is just too mad for me today.

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