Keep Calm And Travel On Friday 13th!

Did you know that Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition only because some guy named Gioachino Rossini passed away that day? Do you even know, who he was? Honestly, I didn’t until I’ve read few sentences about him on Wikipedia. This only made me wonder – how can it be, that such an irrelevant event made all the Western world believe that Friday 13th is a bad luck day? This is a bit crazy, no? It’s like people die only that day or what?

Now surprise, my favorite number is 13! All this talking about Friday 13th never convinced me so as a young girl I’ve decided that 13 will be my lucky number. One of the reasons why I’ve decided so was that my father was born on 13th – how could it be an unlucky number for me if thanks to that day my own story started? Besides that, I’ve passed my driving licence test on 13th (of December, I was terrified, its was snowing and freezing but I’ve managed to pass it) and until now 13 happens to be the best of all the numbers for me. I like Friday 13th even more because it’s Friday which means that it’s the beginning of the weekend plus it’s 13th so it’s simply perfect.

The World Is Calling Me

OK, but why should you travel on Friday 13th?

Well, the answer is really simple – because it’s cheap! Yes, traveling on Friday 13th is cheaper than traveling ANY other Friday. Friday 13th can happen maximum three times a year, and this year it’s happening only once, today!
But why is it cheaper than any other Friday? Because although people don’t admit it, they are afraid of something bad happening to them. Taking a plane or driving somewhere this specific day sounds much more dangerous than doing it any other day.
Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in North Carolina estimated that 17 to 21 million people in US are afraid of Friday 13th. Fear of number 13 has even a name: friggatriskaidekaphobia. Airlines, car rentals companies, hotels and many other institutions are aware of the situation and offer lower prices for their services that day. So many people believe that this day is a bad luck day that touristic industry is trying really hard to gain some brave clients. Be one of them! Take your stuff, go for a trip and enjoy cheaper prices. Afterwards, you can take some nice pictures from the trip together with your low bills and wave them in front of your superstitious friends that decided to stay home this day;-) Ok, maybe that’s a bit mean so don’t do that simply

keep calm and travel on Friday 13th!

Right here I have to mention that this Friday 13th is especially lucky for me – I’m about to take a plain to Amsterdam to meet with my amazing friend Sivan! Peru and Poland together in Holland again! That’s gonna be awesome, stay tuned for updates form one of my favorites cities of crazy bikers and sexual freedom.

Talk to you later, alligator!

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