Keep Calm and wake up at 4 AM!

Oh man, life is such a bitch sometimes. It’s 4 AM and I’m already awake – it’s been my daily routine since I came to Philippines. I’m used to waking up early but 4 AM is a little bit difficult even for me. The thing is that my day schedule is so busy that very early morning is the only time I have for myself. Also, it’s the only time the internet work pretty fast so I can get my job done fast and efficient. Well, that happens most of the days because today it is not working at all! How great is that? Imagine you wake up at 4, have a coffee and sit on the comp to start you day and you realize that well, today it’s not gonna happen cause there is not internet. Shit. I’m already awake and won’t get back to bed, it’s still too dark outside to do yoga and it’s actually raining as well. Nothing like starting your day like that 😉 At 7 AM I have to be ready for diving already so I have 3 hours to kill before that.

The good thing is that this doesn’t usually happen and I can actually do a lot of stuff at 4 am (even watch youtube video!). I get around 6 hours of sleep in here and surprisingly I’m not sleepy during the days. I’m physically exhausted that for sure but not sleepy. Yesterday I felt a bit sick and my ears were aching so I was a little bit afraid on how it’s gonna be today. Fortunately, I woke up feeling good and ready to kick the day – the problem is that the day kicked me so far and messed up with my routine. From the other side, I have some time to write this post and catch up on stuff that I always postpone because of their low priority.

Besides being a little bit upset about the internet issue right now I have to say that I really like being awake early. I always preferred mornings over the evenings as I’m much more efficient and have more energy to deal with stuff. I love starting my day with some yoga and meditation and I really enjoy doing things slowly in the morning. The whole day goes much better when I have the time to properly wake up, have a breakfast and get mentally ready for what is waiting for me.
I know that most of you think that I’m just fooling around for the whole day and having fun diving but this is not exactly true. I do have a lot of fun and love every (ok almost every) step of this journey but I do work my ass off learning new things and trying to use the time I have left here the best I can. I have my own personal upside-downs and I get pretty upset when things go wrong but I keep my head up and I definitely don’t regret coming here (and spending all my money ;-)). Besides learning how to dive I learn a lot of new things about myself and I work on stuff that I don’t necessary like. I don’t think I can describe it well in words but all that is happening right now is a life-changing experience that I really needed.

Diving in Philippines
I always say that I love challenges and a little bit of struggle cause it shows me on what areas of my character I need to work on. Believe me, getting into stressful situation under the water, dealing with rough weather conditions or coping with physical and mental exhaustion is a really good test of personality. Cold showers on cold days, no electricity when you are starving and want to cook a meal, sore muscles and lack of a friendly shoulder that you can cry your eyes out when you need it makes you appreciate good things that you have even more.

I believe that life brings us to places that are meant to teach us something – this place teach me so much about patience and keeping calm like no other place did. I know I need this lesson and I try to take it easy but I won’t lie, sometimes, when things goes wrong, I still feel like screaming or breaking things (pretty ashamed to admit that but it is what it is…). Fortunately I don’t really do it but I hope that one day even the idea of acting like that won’t come up to my head.
Anyway, talking about keeping it calm, its 5:30 AM, still dark but the sun will come up soon – time for some yoga and hopefully watching beautiful sunrise. It’s so much doing sun salutations when literally welcoming a new day  Try it out if you get a chance.
Have a beautiful day everyone, keep calm but don’t wake up at 4 AM unless you really have to 😉

Update: No sun, no sunrise, only rain and wind 😉

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