Oh no, I’m becoming a couch potato!

Going through the pictures from last year when I was back in New Zealand made me realize how much I miss travelling. How stuck I really feel right now and how not being able to experience anything new in the last half a year or so made me a terrible couch potato! It’s like I lost something really important that was bringing me joy even when I was finding myself in complicated situations in faraway lands.

New Zealand
Getting so sucked up by the everyday life in Gran Canaria made me somehow forget how is it to feel the wind in my hair (no place like Wellington for that 😉 ) and suffer from a back pain from carrying all my belongings on my shoulders for months. Now, my hair doesn’t miss crazy Wellingtonian wind cause too much is just too much and my back surely doesn’t want to suffer from carrying a too heavy backpack, but not being able to live an adventure for so long changed me in a way that I don’t really like. I became lazy!

I’m not blaming Gran Canaria for that because it is indeed a dreamy island and I do love being here and enjoying everything this place has to offer but…yes, big BUT is out there. I miss travelling and getting to know new places, people and cultures so very much. I thought that maybe when I will be slowly reaching my 30th birthday, I will feel tired of this nomad life, but my time definitely didn’t come yet. And maybe it will never come or maybe it will, sooner than I think, but right here and right now I feel a big need of seeing and discovering more.

Airplane New Zealand

The good thing about my temporary grounding was that I got a chance to grow in some new directions. I’ve worked for quite a while as a Divemaster and I developed even deeper love for the ocean. I also started a more profound inner journey when I got involved in the yoga teacher training that was only possible to do while staying for longer period of time on the island. I don’t feel that I’ve wasted time being here because I was doing different and fun things and I did learn a bunch of new stuff and meet new and great people (not much to be honest but hey, it’s not about quantity but a quality when it comes to people) but I was not able to go for even one decent trip during almost a year and this somehow made me forget that I still have a lot of energy and very strong will to see and experience what this world has to offer.

What I’m trying to say is that I just really miss travelling and I do not like to be a couch potato… I know it’s not a profound discovery, but it just really hit me today. I’m not complaining about my life here because the island itself is gorgeous, the weather is great all year round, the diving is pretty decent and the bananas are tasty but…without having enough resources to go and discover at least 1% more of this big world once in a while I feel like I’m not able to nourish and let grow important part of myself.

So the conclusion is that…I want to eat potatoes in a tortilla, but not necessarily become one, so I better move my ass before I turn into a supplement of an omelet 😉 !

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  1. March 25, 2016

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