OMG, I’m moving to Philippines!

Yes, I still can’t believe that this is really happening but…it really is, I’m moving to Philippines! I had a feeling that this upcoming year will be full of surprises but I didn’t see this one coming at all! The final decision was made yesterday (big thanks to all of those who supported me in the decision making process) and tomorrow night I’m flying to Philippines to start my new adventure.

Do you wanna know what I’m going to do there? Well, that’s the best part – I’ve signed up for the Divemaster Internship Program and hopefully after two months of studying and working in the diving resort I will become an official Divemaster! I can’t even explain you how excited I am right now but I won’t lie either, I’m a little bit scared as well.

When few months ago a lot of bad things happened to me and my family I posted a new Facebook timeline picture that was saying: “Sometimes the bad things that happen in our life put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us”. In that time I really needed to convince myself that all those unfortunate circumstances will turn out into something good – it was so hard to deal with all those shitty things happening one after another and I really had to do my best not to break down. Fortunately, slowly slowly I started to see a way out and managed to start my trip feeling that it will be a life changing experience.

As some of you know I work remotely so it doesn’t really matter where I’m because the only thing I need to make money is an internet connection. I was combining both traveling and working for almost 8 months already and it was going great. Unfortunately, few days ago right after I’ve finished Yoga and Meditation retreat in Cambodia I got an email from my boss saying that they gonna significantly cut my hours which means that I’m gonna make much less money.

At that moment I got really upset and angry because I was very comfortable with the job I was doing and I hoped that I will be able to keep my current income for at least few more months. Well, that’s life, I had nothing to do about it, I just had to come up with some new plan.

I couldn’t really sleep that night as I was bothered by pessimistic thoughts about my future. I slept only few hours but when I woke up in the morning the first thought that came to my head was: “this is happening for your good”. For some reason I felt this internal peace and I wasn’t upset anymore. You have to understand that it’s not such a common behavior for me – I tend to over think, overreact, over everything. That’s why when I felt this confidence and calmness inside I immediately knew that something good gonna come out of it.

Diving in Kho Pi Pi

For few days I tried to figure out what to do, I was about to go to Laos to meet my cousin there but It was very expensive so I postponed it. I went to south of Cambodia instead and took my time to sit along the river and contemplae my options.

I was thinking about obtaining diving certificate since I went for my first dive that felt FANTASTIC but I didn’t really know how long it would take and if I actually could afford it. Also, because I was working fixed hours every week I knew it will be a big challenge to dedicate myself to diving when having a lot of other responsibilities. Well, in the moment when my hours got cut I understood that it won’t be a problem anymore. I had to see it as a advantage rather than focus on the fact that I won’t have the same income anymore.

I did some research on diving resorts in Asia, wrote to few places asking for prices and availability and after two days I had a clear view on the situation. I was emailing with a very nice owner of diving resort in Philippines that explained me everything and gave me detailed pricing. When I saw the numbers I though – crap, that’s all I got! Tough decision had to be made: or I invest EVERYTHING I have in diving course or I keep traveling in Asia for two more months and in the end of February, as planned, I go to New Zealand.

The thought of investing all my savings was super scary and the little bugger in my head (called also ego) was telling me not to do so. He tried to convince me that I can’t do it, it will be too complicated, maybe I lose all the money and won’t be able to travel anymore, maybe this, maybe that…a nightmare! I don’t know how you cope with your bugger but mine is pretty strong and can always make me feel bad and insecure about myself. But let’s leave the bugger alone for now, I’m planning on dedicating him a separate post sometime in the future.

I’ve tried very hard to focus on what I really want and feel like doing without letting the fear to confuse me and two days and some conversations with my family and friends later I decided that I’m gonna risk it all and go for it. I have no idea how I’m gonna make it to New Zealand (financially) but I truly believe that I’m gonna find my way. Taking this opportunity feels like the best thing ever so please keep crossed your fingers and send some good vibes my way.


So here I am, packing my bags again and getting ready to take off to Cebu tomorrow. I’m gonna spend New Year’s Eve in Philippines (who would imagine that?!) and then start my diving internship on 1st of January. As I said in the beginning, I still don’t believe that this is really happening but I have a feeling that it will be an experience that gonna change my life forever.

Wish me luck beautiful people and come to visit me in Philipphines 😀

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