So I have to Keep Calm and survive my stay in Poland!

*Disclaimer: To all my family members and friends from Poland, please don’t take it too seriously and don’t get offended. I need to make some fun of it in order to surive 😉

So it happened to me that instead of taking a plane to my favorite destination two weeks ago I got stuck in Warsaw, my non-favorite city in Poland. Unfortunately, my plans didn’t work out this time and instead of taking the plane to Tel Aviv I had to wave from the ground to the rest of the passengers that could happily fly away from here. So this is how the things went since…

When I finally realized that the plane to Israel left without me

And every morning since, when I realize that I’m still in Poland

So I keep texting my friends from the holly land

To get really encouraged (like REALLY REALLY 😉 )

I keep going but then I have to go to the hospital again and wait
for 8 hours in the waiting room. (I lose it sometimes)

I also lose it every time I have to deal with the bureaucracy

Coming back home exhausted dreaming about Israeli food

And ending up eating this

Spening most of the time at home because the summer in here

So in the middle of it you should expect this

Some people try to convince me that its fun to be in Poland

Because they don’t understand what September in Israel looks like

And I just really miss to be with my besties…

I do try to cheer myself up and do something I like (hula hoop?)

But it’s kind of not the same…

So then I try to talk about my plans with my parents and they react
kind of like this

Oh well…despite of all that I still keep dreaming

Being myself regardless what others say

Planing my big trip

And counting the days to be able to do this again 🙂

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