Tel Aviv Sarona Attack – I’m ashamed to be human

There was another terrorist attack in Tel Aviv list night and it happened that I was really not far away from the place where it occurred. While I was doing yoga on a friend’s roof, less than few kilometers away, someone was having their coffee without knowing, that it’s going to be their last coffee in life. I just watched the footage of the crime on Facebook and it completely broke me. It doesn’t really take that much to make me cry, but this time I feel such a sharp pain in my chest that I couldn’t take a breath for a while. Seeing those people trying to run away and save their lives, taking last breaths before receiving the bullet…

It could be me, it could be my friend or my family member. The fact that it happened to a completely stranger doesn’t make it any less relevant or painful. It also doesn’t matter that it happened here in Israel, where I actually stay and where my heart belongs. Every day it happens all over the world – people being tortured and killed as they were nothing in Syria, women raped and live as sexual slaves all their very short lives in Africa, constantly abused child workers of our favourite clothes companies in India and so on. This list never ends.

There is so much cruelty in this world that on the days like this I’m ashamed to be a human. Humans turned out to be the cruellest from all the living creatures on the earth. We kill not to survive, but for pleasure. We have brains but we use it to abuse and take an advantage of everything that we were given on this planet. We let ourselves get brainwashed, follow crazy ideologies that spread hatred without reflecting where our society is going. We forgot what true love and compassion really are and we don’t remember that we are not separate individuals but a part of the wholeness of the universe.

We are scared to be who we are and live the life we want as something worse than dying without being authentic self even for a short moment could happen to us. And the worst of all of that is that we believe that we have time, but the truth is, we don’t.

It could be me, it could be you or worse, someone you truly love. I’m so ashamed of being human today.

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