Too unhappy? Guess you forgot about dying

I always thought that I’m being really lucky to live in the XXI century. We live in the safest times ever, we have an access to the health care, we’ve managed to stop a huge amount of crime and we live in more or less organized societies. OK, I’m not saying that we live in perfect times, we are far away from it, but most of the people living in Europe, America or Australia live relatively safe and up to 3 times longer than people in the Middle Ages for example.

There is only one problem. We got so relaxed in our comfy world that we forgot that we gonna die anyway. Maybe we won’t get eaten by a wild animal or silly flu won’t kill us but in the end of the day, we all die. And maybe sooner than later.

As we are not in a constant life threat we just sink into planning stuff for the next 80 years and holding on to things that make us miserable and unhappy. We got into this illusion that one day we gonna (choose the right one) find or soulmate/get married/have kids/grandchildren etc. We keep dreaming about that raise that we might never get, beautiful house with a garden that we might never live in and the tropical trip we might never go to. We don’t know how to enjoy little pleasures that life brings us because we always want more and more. We miss opportunities, give to many chances and we get blind with fear. How stupid of us. We got the privilege of living in the safest times and instead of living to the fullest we are more stuck than ever before.

We get stuck in the relationships that are not good for us, in the jobs that are not satisfying at all and hold by values that don’t represent us. We are so terrified of taking any decision and make any move that we constantly postpone it. We don’t do anything to change our life because we are afraid of consequences and we decide that maybe one day we will get all the strength we need to change something. That’s so stupid. That’s so not worth it. I wish I could take and shake each and every friend of mine that it’s living this way and tell him that the here and now it’s the only thing we have and that being afraid of actually living is like being dead already. We all have the expiration date.

I got shaken like that by the life itself when I had a car accident and I thought that I’m gonna die. I get shaken like this every time when my sister, which was diagnosed with a mortal neurological disease, is getting worse.

Yesterday she was taken to the hospital because she lost the sense in her head and face. I was sitting with her in the waiting room, dead scared, asking the God why she has to be sick and then it hit me: we are all “sick” like my sister, we all gonna die, we just don’t know when.  No matter what disease or life circumstances, each one of us will get different amount of time on this world, the questions is, what we gonna do about it? Is this fake believe that we gonna live happily until we are 100 years old is stopping us from actually living? Did my sister accomplish all those great things in the last few years only because she got diagnosed and finally understood that life is short and fragile and that the fear of getting what she truly wants can’t stop her anymore? Did I get happier after seeing the death in my eyes? Would I ever had the balls to go for what I really love if the things mentioned before never happened to me? I don’t think so.

I know that one blog post can’t change anybody’s life. I know, that my testimony may have no influence on anyone reading it but I just had to try. Life is so short, and so fragile. Don’t waist it, don’t be afraid. Do everything you can to be happy, to make the loved ones happy. They might be gone so fast. You might be gone. Stop worrying about little things and start living, we all got only one life and as one of my favorite proverbs say:

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.


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