What do you really miss when you travel?

The most common answer to the question “what do you miss the most when you travel?” is home. People miss home, a place they know since they were born, a place they were raised and a place that was a shelter for them for many years. They miss the comfort of being in their own country, speaking native language and following the social rules they know very well.

People miss their families, their mother cooking, sound of their father’s car and the smell of the laundry powder that was used in their home since they remember. People miss their favorite tv shows, familiar streets and shops and everything that is known instead of unknown.

What I miss the most are my friends. I can’t stress out how much, how deeply and truly I miss my friends. Of course I do miss my family as well, I can’t wait to give a big hug to all of my family members and especially to play with my little nice but GOD, how much I miss my friends – friends that became my second family.

You see, my friends are not just regular friends. They are not just some people that are relatively close to me, they are not just a people I go out with and I call when I need something.

My friends are the people that were always there for me. They are the people that Skype with me at 3 am if I need them. They are people that no matter how silly I become or how annoying I get they are always there for me. They are the people that show up unexpected with the bottle of vodka and chocolate when I go through a hard break up. They cry with me until I fall asleep making sure that the day after half of my sadness will be gone.

They are people that blow few hundreds balloons to welcome me home after I was gone for a while. They are people that make me a goodbye video when I leave the country and people that makes my goodbye party one of the most touching and heartwarming experience I’ve ever had.

My friends are people that fly from the other continent to spend a birthday with me because they know that I’m gonna be lonely. They are people that know exactly what I need it.

My friends are people that send me flowers and chocolate from the other half of the world when my sister get sick and when my whole family goes through a very hard time.

My friends are people that takes me to best nature parties and join my crazy dance and laugh at my stupid jokes.

You see, my friends are one of the most precious things that I’ve ever had. I miss my friends so much, so so much. I meet a lot of nice people on my way, I make new friends, I discover beautiful souls and enjoy every step of my journey. But….there is no one that can ever replace my friends.

Guys, I miss you so much that my heart hurts.

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