When the whole world stops for a while – nothing like Yom Kippur

I’m one of those who say that you can’t be sure of anything in life. Actually, the only thing you can be sure of is that you, like all the others, gonna die one day. Today I realize that I’m actually pretty sure of another thing: you can never experience something like the celebration of Yom Kippur in Israel. It’s one of a kind experience and I can guaranty you, that you can never live something like that anywhere else.
Imagine that the whole world stops for a while. Nothing works, nothing runs, nothing is open and there are no cars or any other vehicles on the roads. Even the airport is closed! Can you picture that in your head? In XXI century?! It sounds so unreal, right? But this is exactly what happenes in Israel on Yom Kippur. The whole country stops running and stands still. It’s simply amazing, breathtaking and so unique – you can’t find it anywhere else, only one day in the whole year, only in that place.

The World Is Calling Me

Yom Kippur Israel

I feel blessed that I was able to live this experience three times in my live. I’m sad that this year I couldn’t be there but I believe that I will be able to live it again in the future. Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. It’s a Day of Atonement and it’s even observed by many secular Jews who don’t observe other holidays. What astonished me the most in this celebration is how united Israelis can be. They are such a diverse nation, they fight between themselves all the time, left wing, right wing, Haredim, atheist…yet, this one day, they can put aside all the differences between them and unite in a peace and quiet. Well, it’s not necessarily that quiet because the kids are making a lot of noise while riding their bikes, rollers and other things of this kind but the concept of this holiday is preserved anyway. Everyone respects it . Some people don’t fast, some people don’t go to the synagogue, some people don’t apologize for their sins but EVERYONE respect it. This is something that makes this day so special. I cannot imagine this happening in Poland or Spain. I cannot imagine this happening anywhere but in Israel.

If you ever have a chance to experience that, don’t think twice. Is unique, it’s amazing, it’s unforgettable.

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